Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Cat

Due to the plummeting economy, many cost-conscious shoppers are scaling back their holiday purchases this year. To help our readers stay within their cat budgets, we suggest two inexpensive gifts that are popular with felines this season.

1. Tetris (below): Tetris is experiencing a resurgence within the cat demographic. Even though your furred friend hasn't asked for it by name, Tetris is surely on his or her holiday wishlist.

2. Noam Chomsky paraphernalia (below): It's no secret that cats love Noam, and now they can experience him intimately over and over again with the purchase of his dvd series, which includes lectures delivered abroad, and at Harvard and MIT.


Jacqueline Stuart said...

That is super hilarious! I particularly love the Tetris video with your cat pawing at the screen!

Karen said...
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