Saturday, August 23, 2008

Old Testament Weekend

Hesta and Harriet Griswold like to enjoy sunny, temperate weekends in the style of the Old Testament.

On Saturday, Hesta rose after sunrise and issued forth toward the neighborhood used bookstore, land of a feline, son of Smokey, who bore a hirsute gray coat. Before she cast out of her household, Hesta came unto Harriet, for she knew him, and told him of her journey. She rested her cup of 1-2 tbsps ice coffee upon the refrigerator shelf. When Hesta returned home full of thirst, she found her cup empty, and a different cup, taller than the first and half-full, lay with the counter. Harriet came to Hesta, and Hesta said haltingly, for she knew the guilt was in Harriet, "May I partake of your coffee because you partook of mine?" Harriet spoke to her, "What is the meaning of this?" and Hesta replied, "An eye for an eye. It is the Old Testament weekend."

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