Saturday, May 31, 2008

Plab Soap Opera Part 4: Plabnox’s Guide to Brooklyn - Memorial Day

y toward brunch, we came across something that resembled a parade. There were cottage cheese collections lazing in aluminum chairs along the sidewalk, whilst costumed humans frolicked in the streets. The happening impressed us as more than an event, yet less than a spectacle. Inquisitive, we queried the local police officer wielding his state-given power at the end of the street, "What is this occurrence yonder on Russell Street?" "They're getting ready for the Veteran's Day Parade," he replied. Now we know not to take Russell Street until November, for the parade preparations will last six months.

The next curiosity on our odyssey was Turkey's Nest Tavern, a nest-cum-bar. One of its many interesting qualities is the fact that turkeys, who are not nesting birds biologically, will break with the natural order to weave great nests especially for the patrons of this bar.

Below: The nesting tavern. Click for larger image.

At the crossroads of Turkey's Nest and a park, we fell victim to the stalking of the ice cream truck. Its helmsman, a blooming moustache, wooed us with its tinkling siren tune for twenty-five minutes. Suddenly, Thorndike stated that he would download the song from iTunes as soon as he could log on, and Harriet informed us that the dance version is sweeping the discothéques in Europe.

Below: The moustache-commanded ice cream truck halts its stalking mission for wedding photos.

Brunch was sumptuous. I sipped two servings of orange juice, which totaled two tablespoons (each serving was 1T). Despite our satiety, we coveted Memorial Day fro yo: "Take us the nearest fro yo stand!" we directed. S took us to her favorite vendor, which offered the flavors "Drs. Coconut and Green Tea," available by prescription only.

Below: These fro yo flavors are not yet available over-the-counter. The end.

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