Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stuff Plabnox Likes: #1 – Personalized Private Property

There is certainly nothing more pleasant in life than returning to the City of Brotherly Love after a weekend sojourn in New York and finding that Philly’s denizens have left their special mark on one of your possessions. Their latest parody of Lockean property values left me chortling for hours.

Below: Stills of the satirical performance art.


Jacqueline Stuart said...

Yup, that happened to me while residing in the city of brotherly love, only mine was on the driver's side. I was going to replace the mirror, but when I inquired with the car dealership for a replacement mirror, they quoted the fix up to be something around $200, not including labor. God, I miss that city! Looking at your photos now is like reliving the whole thing over again!

Bio Nerd said...

hmmm, well I was not in the city of brotherly love, however I was in the ghettos of Damascus when I woke up to find one, yes that is right just one of my tires stolen off my car. I know the feeling of loss.