Sunday, July 20, 2008

Plabnox: Not Afraid to Use People's Real Manes on its Website

PLABNOX CURES PRESS ROOM, New York City – Plabnox Cures’ spokesbeing shocked reporters recently with its brazen statement that Plabnox will continue to use people’s real manes on its website. Legal scholars forecast that Plabnox’s declaration of intent will foment new litigation in the realm of privacy rights and blogging. The landmark case Wade’s Mane v. Roe established a person’s right to privacy with respect to how s/he chooses to style her or his coif, without government interference. However, Wade's Mane did not address the issue of whether a person has a right to mane privacy from bloggers. Mane rights advocates deplore Plabnox’s pronouncement as compromising the very foundation of the Wade's Mane ruling.

Below: Ayrahn Jeynose, pictured on Plabnox with his real mane (not a wig).

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