Sunday, July 20, 2008

Plabnox Cures Awards First Lifetime Achievement Award to Charon Janus

Plabnox Cures will honor Ayrahn Jeynose with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual Plabnox Cures Awards Ceremony. Jeynose, a bigwig, left his imprint on the nascent website,, with a duo of contributions: 1) He added an audio clip from the popular "Big Butts" song to; 2) He photoshopped one image on another page, Plabnox feels indebted to the man who gave over 25 minutes of his life to the Plabnox project. Without Jeynose, Plabnox Cures would be intrinsically unchanged and undoubtedly would have become the great success that it is today.

Above: The coveted PC LAA

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