Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plabnox Cures Publications Presents a New Page-Turner...

The HTML Code, the latest computer software/website building thriller from Dr. Prosperina Swinnard, will surely be the sine qua non of beach reading this summer. Swinnard transplants the celebrated prose and structure of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code to the seductive milieu of HTML enciphering. Courtesy of PC Publications, please enjoy the excerpt below, which showcases Swinnard's fine use of suspense (this excerpt terminates Chapter 2 of the novel):

Rachel announced that after lunch, Hesta would be faced with an HTML
project. Remaining cryptic about the specifics of the project, Rachel
departed for her repast. Hesta didn't know whether Rachel had
completely lost her mind or was just too hungry to disclose any
details. She flashed back to her days in computer science classes at
an Ivy League university…

Professor Pastry, a rotund Englishman clad in voluminous tweed trousers which accentuated his breadth, puffed on a pipe on the dais at the front of the classroom.

Suddenly, he bellowed, "And can any of you guess what tag we would use?" "Not ''?!?" cried a student. Professor Pastry whirled around like a carousel, "Wrong again! It's '', a tag which scientists have found recurs on webpages with greater frequency than any other HTML tag! In fact, it is the golden ratio of HTML!"

Student, "No way!"

Pastry's corpus volte-faced again, "Way!!"

…Hesta came back to the present. She felt like a caged animal. Little did she know that when Rachel returned from lunch, Rachel would reveal that the project involved an unprecedented amount of 's—more than Hesta had ever typed before…

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