Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reviews of Plabnox

The reviews are in! Here is what top critics are saying about Plabnox Cures:

"Whereas Plab started out reviewing TV shows, films, and literature, it no longer refers to anything but itself."
-Harriett Griswold, independent brewer

"Three weeks ago, we gave Plabnox Cures a prognosis that within 10 years, it would become completely self-referential. However, self-references immediately took on an aggressive form and have spread much more rapidly than we predicted."
-Uttered in unison by Drs. and Swinnard, éminences grises

"; excess of June’s body p. 15"
-Piggy Peggy, film critic

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Dashing Homo said...

Forget reviews, I'm dying to know what Plab has to say about Michael Jackson's upcoming "This Is It" "Final Curtain Call" hoopla!