Monday, January 5, 2009

Show Cats

BURLINGTON, VT – Thousands of cat aficionados, and a few dabblers, flocked to the remote socialist nation of Vermont last weekend for the annual Cat Fanciers’ Association Cat Show. The good doctors Perofovich and Swinnard descended upon the event as VIP guests, and their retinue of cat paparazzi captured just a few stolen moments with the competitors.

Below: A mixture of cat cages and pine-based decor imparts a festive ambience.
Below: This Norma Desmond figure retired to her boudoir immediately after she dazzled spectators in the longhair championship.
Below: A French Canadian Moustache combs the throat hair of a white Poufball.
Below: The Moustache, assisted by a woman adorned with green satin and spectacles suspended from a rhinestone chain, prunes and festoons the touchhole region of the Pouf with white powder.
Below: The Pouf has snow-white eye makeup applied to his orbs.

Although the below recluse hides her face from crazed fans, her likeness haunts onlookers from a tempera portrait looming abover her chamber.Below: Colin Powell meets his namesake. Both creatures are famous for their Republican party membership and bipartisan leadership abilities.

The clips below were filmed during the "Parade of Breeds" event, hosted by the cat maven in hunter green, who occupies the central space of most of the frames. NB, Please increase your volume liberally in order to hear the sound fully.

Below: A downy dame is whisked away to her next engagement by two personal assistants.

Below: Cats on deck at the parade of breeds are watched by the stage manager, a vested woman, in the lower right-hand portion of the frame.

Below: Another busy feline on the move.

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