Monday, June 30, 2008

Plabnox Cures: Behind the Scenes

Every post seen by the public on Plabnox Cures looks like effortlessly crafted perfection. But Plabnox's dear readers may be stunned to learn that creation is not always a smooth process for the good doctors, and that some of the doctors' ideas do not even make it beyond the most nebulous stages of development before being deemed unworthy of Plabnox Cures.

A recent conversation between Drs. Swinnard and Perofovich highlights the tension that can mount when an already murky idea seems to be emitting its death rattle. As in the example below, unnecessarily frequent use of the word "well" as a sentence opener during dialogue between the Plabnox doctors tends to herald the demise of the idea being discussed.

Dr. Swinnard: Well, so when are we going to work on the avant-garde detective idea?
Dr. Perofovich: Well, I feel like that "idea" is just a laundry list of every theme we have thought of in the past two months.
S: Well, does that mean you just want to give up on it?
P: Well, whenever I try to work on it, I can't tell if I'm making a coherent product out of this list, or if I'm just trying to pass a kidney stone.
S: Right. Well, I guess we should work on something else.
P: Okay.
S: Maybe we can come back to it later on.
P: Okay.

At this point, the avant-garde detective idea was shelved due to its lack of focus, and neither doctor has spoken of it since.

The following are some other Plabnox ideas that were rejected for various reasons:
  • "101 Household Uses for the Post-partum Placenta" (the good doctors could only think of 77)
  • "Kitty Porn" (the doctors revised this to "Gay Cat Erotica", which will be a department in the soon-to-open Plabnox Cures General Store)
  • "Plabnox's New & Improved Form 1040" (rejected by the Bush administration because it permitted cats to be listed as dependents)
  • "10 Bad Plabnox Ideas" (the doctors have only had 4, including this one)

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