Thursday, November 12, 2009

Work Nuggets

4. Wish-fulfillment
At Rise: Dr. Swinnard has moved the half and half and sweetener bowls from the office into the kitchen. She is now rooted back at her desk. Chip Stanley, her boss, approaches her.

Chip Stanley: Thanks for clearing away the coffee residue from yesterday.

Dr. Swinnard: No problem.
Chip Stanley: You know, it's funny, when I went to the common press meeting last week at the Kirby Writers House, I walked in, and Hal Peanut's assistant, Janine, was in the kitchen making coffee and gathering buns [chuckles] and i thought to myself, "I wonder if I could get Dr. Swinnard and Pam to do that. Wear an apron and make coffee, you know..."
Dr. Swinnard: Hah. Probably not.
Chip Stanley: Yeah, i know.
Dr. Swinnard: Did you say anything about it?
Chip Stanley: No, there are some things you can't joke about.
Dr. Swinnard: Yeah, definitely.

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