Thursday, February 26, 2009

Plabnox, in a brrrrp move, breaks with the avant-garde

Effective immediately, Plabnox doctors Prosperina Swinnard and Peter Perofovich are abandoning all use of the term "avant-garde".

The avant-garde has become a genre in its own right; it has been categorized and no longer possesses its original meaning, which denoted a break from establishment or the evasion of categroization. The adjective avant-garde has become a vague, catch-all term for anything that is deemed different by its utterer (it no longer necessarily refers to something new, as it should based on its literal translation).

The doctors announce a new term to denote their art: brrrp. The word has no etymological roots in human language. Its exact definition and spelling are subject to change at the whim of the doctors. Therefore, brrpp will evade genre, specific meaning, and the fate of the term avant-garde.

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